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Rollar Shades

The Roller Shade is a classic and timeless option to add to any space in your home. They are easy to use, elegant, and come in hundreds of different styles and designs.

Image_3401 cc.JPG

The Classic Rollar Shade


The Classic Roller Shade is as a practical but beautiful option for any home of any style. When not in use, it rolls up nicely at the top of your window. The single roll keeps things simple, and easy to use. Available in a variety of opacities, colours and fabrics.

BetterFit by Maxxmar

BetterFit by Maxxmar is a new kind of roller shade that is designed to move with your window or door. It's sleek, creates a reduced light gap, and can fit on almost any type of window. Available in many different colours and fabrics. BetterFit is also available as a Cellular Shade!


Cassettes available for all Roller Shades in:

- Compact
- Square
- Large
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